When Learning is Essential & Retention is Critical

CTL2 is the right choice – where outcomes are measured and engagement is tracked

What We Do:

CTL2 is a technology development company with a focus on eLearning. We work with some of the world’s most innovative companies to build certification and training courses that take full advantage of the power of the computer and the Internet. Clients call on CTL2 when learning is essential: outcomes are measured and engagement is tracked. This is particularly important for mission critical operations and avoiding liability. Our technologies are built on re-usable, object-oriented programming elements that make effective, efficient and low cost learning products. Over fifteen (15) years experience working with large corporate clients: Cisco, Microsoft, Campus CE, Sagem-Morpho, Bruce Titus Automotive Group, Dealer Success Institute and AT&T Wireless.
Founded by Francois Paul Briand and Mike Wirsching, CTL2 is located in Tacoma, Washington. We have the experience to build portals, courses, applications and assessment platforms that are on time and on budget. Click here to view our company factsheet.