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Critical Thinking Learning System (CTLS)

When learning is mission-critical clients rely on CTLS to deliver. Outcomes are measured. Engagement level is monitored and learners are held accountable. CTLS’s integrated online messaging extends the reach of experts and fosters communication at all levels. The system allows learning to take place anytime, anyplace, on any device.

CTLS consists of three products designed to work standalone or, for full benefit, in concert:

Critical Thinking Objects (CTO)
CT objects are Web-portable (xml/JavaScript) building blocks that provide innovative features:

  • Content filtering; learners view concepts at a glance or drill down
  • Activities that engage learners using different brain pathways (reading, listening, writing, speaking)
  • Dynamic content; learners take notes as they study
Critical Thinking Object Demo CTL2: Product Description
Critical Thinking Assessment (CTA)
The CT assessment engine continuously (pre, during, and post) evaluates learners’ knowledge acquisition:

  • What and how much
  • Sequence
  • Reinforcement and review
  • Reduce dependence on verbal materials (visual and audio questions)
  • Reduce use of multiple choice (learners express knowledge in their own words)

CTA is efficient and flexible. It is easily deployed standalone, or incorporated into existing content pages. Questions can be reused. Wide range of question types serves needs of diverse audiences. Highly configurable delivery parameters: random, sequential, question pools, trees, secured, with feedback.

Critical Thinking Assessment Demo CTL2: Assessment Strategy
Critical Thinking Learning Academy (CTLA)
A CTLA enables the other CT products to apply the full range of their features. Inherent in CTLAs are:

  • Secure portal framework (usernames and passwords, hierarchical access)
  • Lightweight, yet sophisticated, learning management system (personal learning paths, tracking and reporting
  • Integrated message framework (communication as part of learning)
  • Dynamic content (learners take notes as they study)
  • Manages learning experience, regardless of content source
Critical Thinking Course Demo Critical Thinking Academy Demo CTL2: The Difference
Clicking the Academy Demo displays a client site of Dealer Success Institute (DSI).
It showcases the full range of CTLS features and products working in concert.
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