CTA or... Noesis Tickler

CTA or Noesis (greek for understanding) Tickler, as it is familiarly known — hence a stimulation of the cognitive process, is an active assessment technology providing simple, flexible, low-cost deployment options. Add Ticklers to existing content—as is—for a more effective e-learning experience, including compliance tracking.

Ticklers are learner-centric, objects that support active acquisition of user input. Ticklers support diagnostic, formative, and summative pedagogical functions. They provide guided, personalized learning experiences that:

      Minimize the time it takes each learner to negotiate training

      Promote awareness of increasing competencies

      Quickly level-set a learner’s skill

      Optimize each learner’s syllabus of study

The highly-reusable, XML-based question architecture promotes content reuse, rapid development, rich rendering of questions, and easy re-branding. Ticklers promote collaboration by separating subject matter authoring and instructional design functions. Authors use a word processor to create Tickler questions. Host pages are HTML with script and style sheet references.

Noesis Tickler Demo List

Tickler Question Demonstration
  • Question Types: runs through all the possible tickler question types (with explanations). Standard styling.
  • Rich UI Questions: demonstrates the power of images, video and external links for ticklers. Custom background, transparent navigation bar and custom help button.
  • Automotive Questions: demonstrates the power of graphical, video and interactive questions for ticklers. Custom background, transparent navigation bar and custom help button.
  • ASIC Test: a "technical" type tickler. Random 15 questions out of a pool of 72. This tickler is timed (5 minutes): see the timer under the help button, run the time down to 2 minutes to see the warning, run the time down to zero (without finishing the test) to see what happens.
  • ASIC Test (regex): a "technical" type tickler. Demonstrates scoring using Regular Expressions. Try various answers (case, order, multiple words) to see what happens.
  • Learning Test: a tickler that shows the various ways of providing feedback to test takers.
  • Math Type Questions: demonstrates the ability to handle math symbols and equations.
Adaptive (Branching) Ticklers
  • Grammar: work through the "Parts of Speech" Tickler. When you have finished, try it again—make some different choices —and see how the Tickler changes (i.e. the path you take through the tickler varies with your answers). Standard styling.
Fun Ticklers
  • Pythonarama: a combination of the above with the addition of fun! Custom background, custom navigation bar, help button in the navigation bar.
Presentation and Feedback
  • Integrated Questions: a content page with questions on the page. Questions reinforce the material being presented.